How to Use Cricut Transfer Tape Easily: A Simple Guide

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5 min readJan 13, 2024
Cricut vinyl transfer tape

Hey, crafting fam! If you are here to learn how to use Cricut transfer tape? Then, this blog is for you. Transfer tape is the best material for transferring any vinyl Cricut design space app to the desired surface. However, when I bought a Cricut for the first time, I was unaware of the fact that it is really an essential supply when making decals or stickers.

As days passed, I created hundreds of DIY projects using transfer tape, and the result was amazing! I understand that it can be a bit intimidating at first, but you will as you get used to it. You will definitely become a pro crafter.

Despite this, I am here to help you with this simple tutorial that will explain the basic steps of using transfer tape for Cricut projects. Through this blog, I am going to teach you about the importance of using transfer tape. Also, I will make a small project using transfer tape for your better understanding. Let’s start!

Step 1: Create a Design on Design Space

The first step in order to learn how to use Cricut transfer tape is to create a design. Hence, I will show the design that I created for this tutorial. Don’t worry; this is going to be a simple cursive text. No graphics or pictures to make this blog simpler for beginner crafters.

So, here I am adding a text, i.e., “Live Loved.”

Likewise, you can add your own picture or text as per your choice. After that, send the design to your cutting machine and let your Cricut cut it precisely.

Step 2: Weed Out Your Design

When my design was ready, I started weeding it using the weeding tool. I also recommend you use the weeding tool if you don’t want to mess up your design. Let me show you the picture of each step below:

Gently pull the extra vinyl using the weeder, as shown in the picture below.

Here’s your final design after the weeding. After weeding, the next step is to explore how to use Cricut transfer tape to transfer the design.

Step 3: Place the Cut Design on Transfer Tape

Let’s see how to use Cricut vinyl transfer tape. First of all, you have to cut a piece of transfer tape. Make sure you have cut the transfer tape larger than your design. After cutting the tape, you need to peel the backing layer off the tape and place its sticky side on the top of the vinyl design.

But what if your project is too large? Well, in that case, you should start peeling off the backing from the corner of the transfer tape and then place it on the edge of the vinyl. Then peel off the backing as you move ahead and do it until the whole vinyl is covered with your transfer tape.

This way, you can prevent bubble formation, and thus, you will get a desirable result.

You can also use a scraper, which is a Cricut tool that helps to adhere the vinyl sheet to the mat. So, it can also be used to adhere your tape to the vinyl sheet. Instead of using a scrapper, you can also use an old credit or debit card. Once the transfer tape is adhered to the vinyl, you can start peeling off the transfer tape; ensure your vinyl comes along with it.

Step 4: Apply Your Design on the Desired Surface

Now, line up the transfer tape and vinyl wherever you want it on your project. Here, I am going to use it on a pane of glass. I placed it in one corner and then gradually adhered it with the help of a scrapper and credit card.

So, use the same burnishing tool credit card and press the tape and vinyl onto the project. When it is done, finally, you can peel off the transfer tape backing to reveal the final design.

Till now, you might have understood how to use Cricut transfer tape. The easy-to-make simple project can help you practice your project yourself.


Do I really need to use Cricut transfer tape?

When you are making a project with heat transfer vinyl (HTV), then, it is essential to use it for better results. Whenever you cut any design with the help of Cricut, the design will be on a backer. Hence, the main objective of using this tape is to transfer the cut design from the back to the desired surface. Thus, you should use the transfer tape whenever you are working with vinyl.

Can I apply my Cricut design to the surface without transfer tape?

Absolutely, yes, and you don’t need to worry about it. This is because you can use painter’s tape. However, transfer tape may cost you, so it’s better to use painter’s tape. Since it is made with crepe paper backing, you can tear it into small pieces, making it a good alternative to transfer tape. Plus, this painter’s tape is a good choice for textured surfaces. In addition, this is not for temporary use, which is why it has a lighter adhesive.

Which transfer tape should I use for Cricut?

The most commonly used transfer tape is Cricut transfer tape. You can use this tape with everyday vinyl uses such as foil vinyl, premium vinyl, and permanent vinyl, but not suitable for heavy-duty such as Glitter vinyl. For heavy-duty vinyl, there is a Cricut Strong Grip Transfer Tape, which is a perfect fit for glitter vinyl.

Final Words

In this blog, I made a simple project to explain how to use Cricut transfer tape. The use of transfer tape is nothing but very simple. No matter if you are a beginner, you can still learn easily with this simple tutorial. However, if you don’t have transfer tape, then you can use painter’s tape, which is equally useful and works perfectly well with all projects. In addition to this, the process will be the same. Now, transform your projects with transfer tape within a minute!

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