9 Unique Cricut Shirt Ideas You Should Try in 2024

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5 min readFeb 2, 2024

If you missed my 2023 blog on Cricut T-shirt ideas, that means you probably missed last year’s trending ideas on shirts. If you are interested in making shirts with Cricut, I have compiled a list of Cricut shirt ideas for 2024 for you in this guide, which I will share with you in detail.

I’ve designed this guide so that Cricut crafters, whether beginners or experienced, can make these easily. I’ll be sharing Harry Potter, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day shirt ideas, and more. So, start implementing the ideas with your Cricut machine and Cricut Heat Press, iron-on vinyl, and other necessary supplies.

1. Harry Potter T-Shirt

If you love the Harry Potter film series and watched it as a child, you can relive those memories with your friends in 2024. I came up with the idea that you could invite as many friends as you want, get a plain t-shirt in their size, and customize it to a Harry Potter theme. And while enjoying the movie, you should wear a T-shirt of the same color and pattern which you have designed yourself.

2. Easter Shirt

If you ask kids what they love most about Easter, they’ll probably tell you the matching shirts. For this, you can create different types of shirts using your Cricut machine. Like chocolates, egg hide designs, basket shirts, and many more. It is sometimes difficult to find cute designs, but you can go to Design Space to get multiple options.

3. Boom Squad Shirt

If you love Cricut shirt ideas for crafting, you’ll definitely be preparing for the 4th of July with a variety of crafts. So you can prepare shirts of the same design for yourself and your family. This uses white, blue, and red adhesive or HTV to personalize a plain shirt in 4th of July colors. Apart from these, if I talk about some Cricut t-shirt ideas, then you can make many shirt projects on them like Boom Squad, Freedom Rocks, America Free, Brave, and so on.

4. Sports Shirt

Whether you like to see sports on television or love to play professional football, you should try to make sports shirts. This can prove to be quite unique for your crafting as it opens up a lot of opportunities.

To do this, I would suggest you buy a plain black shirt from the market and then cut your design on gold HTV vinyl with the help of the Cricut machine and apply it at the place of your choice on the shirt with the help of the Cricut Heat Press.

5. Drink Up Witches

If you attend bachelorette parties or host them yourself, this list of Cricut shirt ideas is a must-have for you. For this, you can upload an SVG of “Drink Up Witches” to Cricut Design Space and cut it out, which you can get for free online. Furthermore, it will mix a great pair of jeans and pants.

6. Fox Family Vacation Shirt

If you are planning a family vacation, take a break from your daily life to travel and make memories together. Before deciding where to go on your vacation, you can prepare Fox family vacation shirts for everyone to make your tour even more unique.

For this, buy an azure blue colored shirt from the market, then cut the vinyl in blue color, cut the file and apply it on your shirt.

7. Paris Olympics 2024 Shirt

If you love the Olympic Games, you can create a 2024 Paris Olympics design with your Cricut machine to show your passion for it. I like to use white shirts for this and cut the designs on different colored HTV vinyl. You can use different designs, sizes, and colors as per your choice. It is one of the super cool Cricut shirt ideas for Olympic lovers.

8. Birthday Squad and Boy Shirt

If your birthday is coming or it is the birthday of your loved one then you can prepare the shirt accordingly. And this way, you can enjoy your birthday in 2024 in a unique and fun way. You have many options for design; different fonts and colors will also be available in the Design Space. These Cricut shirt ideas offer a variety of features to show off your child’s personality and more.

9. Gym T-shirt

Are you a gym lover and looking for gym t-shirts then I am here with a new idea. For this, I have designed a T-shirt that will motivate you even more to achieve your fitness goals on time with the design of Do It Even Tried and Dumb Sign.

As far as making it with the Cricut machine, first, upload the SVG to Design Space, select the correct material settings, and cut the design according to the Cricut Heat Guide. Cut the design on black iron on vinyl and Cricut Heat Press Use. Apply it to your shirt, and you can start using it within 24 hours.

Final Thought

Making shirts with a Cricut machine is a crafter’s dream. To achieve this, you will need a Cricut cutting and Heat Press machine as well as an iron on vinyl. But for that, you need one more thing, and that is unique Cricut shirt ideas with detailed descriptions in the guide above. There are still more projects for shirts, but you can make more ideas yourself other than these nine projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need From Cricut to Make a Shirt?

You can use common supplies to make shirts with the Cricut machine.

  • Cricut iron-on can be used to add your design to the shirt
  • Heat transfer Vinyl
  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Butcher paper and weeding tool
  • Cricut Easy Press and Heat Guide
  • StandardGrip Mat
  • Cricut Heat Press mat
  • An SVG file and detailed guide

What Type of Shirt Is Best for Cricut?

Well, you can add designs to every plain shirt with the help of your Cricut machine. But if you want long-lasting results, use a blank shirt that is extremely smooth and made of organic cotton. Because the Cricut design in such shirts perfectly matches the material of the shirt with a strong surface area.

How Do I Make Shirts With My Cricut?

Let’s make the T-shirt with quick steps, as shown below:

  1. First of all, clear your Cricut shirt ideas and upload your design to the Cricut application.
  2. Resize your design on the software and select the right material setting.
  3. Upload the iron-on vinyl onto the cutting mat, load it on the machine, and cut it.
  4. Now, weed your design using the Cricut Heat Guide and apply the design to the shirt.
  5. Finally, wait for a while and peel the plastic sheet from the shirt.

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